· Effect of volume fraction of metal matrix composites framework on compressive mechanical properties of 3D interpenetrating ZTAp/40Cr architectured composites
· Effect of Mo content on nano-scaled particles, prior austenite grains and impact toughness of CGHAZ in offshore engineering steels
· A deep learning-based method for segmentation and quantitative characterization of microstructures in weathering steel from sequential scanning electron microscope images
· Effect of surface layer softening from previous electrochemical corrosion on electrochemical cold drawing of Q235 steel bar
· Enhanced strength and toughness in 40CrNiMo steels by austempering below martensite start temperature
· Effect of Nb addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of 25CrNiMoV (DZ2) steel for high-speed railway axles
· Tensile deformation behavior of nickel-free high-manganese austenitic cryogenic-temperature steel
· High-temperature modification and air-quenching granulation of steel slag
· Leaching behavior and mineralogical evolution of vanadium released from sodium roasted-acid leaching tailing of vanadium slag
· Effect of slag composition on elements oxidation behavior of GH984G superalloy for electroslag remelting withdrawal process