· Structure and electrochemical characteristics of Mg–Ti–Ni-based electrode alloys synthesized by mechanical milling
· Thermal deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of modified IN617 alloy with different initial states
· Analysis on hot deformation and following cooling technology of 25Cr2Ni4MoVA steel
· Hot deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of an Fe–30Cr–2Mo ultra-pure super ferritic stainless steel
· Precipitation kinetics of carbides during cyclical and isothermal aging of 2.25Cr–1Mo steel and its effect on mechanical properties
· Relationship between martensite microstructure and ductility of H13 steel from aspect of crystallography
· Effect of Mg addition on temper embrittlement in 2.25Cr–1Mo steel doped with 0.056% P–Mg segregation behavior at grain boundary
· Effect of Ce on solute redistribution in liquid ahead of solid–liquid interface during solidification of Fe–4 wt.%Si alloy
· Bubble behavior in cylindrical and square vessels under centric mechanical stirring
· Properties of ten-year-aged argon oxygen decarburization stainless steel slag